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The Top Ten Ad Spy Tools for Finding Red-Hot Products for Your Ecommerce Store

By Rob Palmer

January 31, 2020

ad spy tools

How to find out what’s working and get a shortcut to a highly-profitable campaign with minimum risk.

Get on the Fast Track to Success

Why do things the hard way when you can do them the easy way? Product research is a vital element in Ecommerce success, yet most people get this part of the process all wrong.

What usually happens is that a newbie entrepreneur thinks, ‘I’d like to start an Ecommerce store, but what can I sell? I know - there’s a ton of money in smartphones, so I’ll sell mobile phone accessories...that’s bound to work!’

Actually...probably not. Using this approach, the chances of stumbling across products that can be sold profitably are close to zero. There are so many unknown variables that you might just as well buy a lottery ticket - you really are gambling on your success.

Fortunately, there’s a much better way. Find out what’s already selling...and sell something similar! As long as the product is not trademarked, this is perfectly legal, and this really is the fast track to success.

A whole range of software tools have sprung up to help you do this. These are ‘ad spy tools’ and make no mistake about it, they can make you rich. Here’s how the process works - all you need to do is:

  • Use an ad spy tool to uncover and analyze Ecommerce ads on Facebook, Instagram and other ad platforms
  • Identify a product that is selling well and has a history of success (the tools help you do this)
  • Find a manufacturer selling an identical (or very similar) product on Ali Express or Alibaba
  • Create your own private-label version of the product (easy and cheap to do)
  • Launch your marketing with an ad campaign similar to the existing successful campaign
  • Optimize and improve so that you can do even better
  • Grow your sales by expanding into new geographical areas, demographics and interests

Easy right? Well, OK, it does take some work, but it’s certainly worth the time. And although these ad spy tools are not cheap, it’s worth the investment, too. Just think: you can spend a couple of hundred bucks and find a red-hot product that could make you a million dollars profit. That’s a good deal!

In this article, we will focus on ad intelligence tools that include access to Facebook and/or Instagram ads, as these platforms are the core of Ecommerce marketing today. So let’s get right into it, and look at some of the best ad spy tools for savvy store owners:

1. Big Spy

We’ll start with Big Spy, because it does have the advantage of offering a free version. This is limited in scope, but it allows you to get a feel for what is possible. If you like what you see, you can upgrade your plan to get much better data.

Big Spy also has one of the biggest ad databases of any tool. When they say ‘big spy’ they mean it - they have over one billion ads in their database!

The ads are collected from a wide range of sources, including the top six social media platforms. So you can certainly get plenty of data to analyze. If you can’t find a great product to sell here, you’re just not trying!

2. Ad Spy

Not to be confused with Big Ad Spy (above) or Power Ad Spy (below), Ad Spy is a tool that is used by hard-core media buyers and large-scale Ecommerce ventures. It’s a complex tool that comes with a learning curve, but it has a lot of very powerful features.

Ad Spy offers global coverage, with ads from around 200 countries. You get access to a vast amount of data, which you can analyze in detail at speed. If you are really serious about growing a large Ecommerce business, then Ad Spy should definitely be on your shopping list. 

3. Power Ad Spy

Power Ad Spy has a smaller ad database than many tools, but it makes up for this in the range of options you have for analysis. You can really drill down and find out what products are selling well right now, and what makes them tick. 

You get full data on factors such as engagement and reach, and can filter by comments and all kinds of other options. The tool is easy to use, and it’s a great way to get started with ad intelligence. 

4. Ad Sector

This tool comes in at the pricier end, although they often run discounts which help to make the cost manageable. The tool is easy to use, with lots of options for data research and analysis.

This is another good tool for ad research, and is capable of giving you a lot of valuable information about what’s working, and what’s not. You can search through tens of thousands of ads and landers very quickly, and identify the gems you need to succeed.

5. SocialPeta

This tool is a good choice if you want to go wide. As well as including ads from over 50 countries, it also collects ads from a diverse range of platforms, including Yahoo and YouTube,

SocialPeta tracks over 100 million ad creatives, so you have a big pool of data to work with. The system is designed to work at speed, so you can process huge amounts of data and pinpoints the golden nuggets that make all the difference.

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6. Social Ad Scout

This is a very popular tool that is very strong on Facebook ads. This is a fast and easy tool to use if you want to do some quality research on social media platforms.

You can filter by a whole range of variables, including:

  • Location
  • URLs
  • Text
  • Redirects
  • Last seen
  • Ad types
  • Performance indicators
  • Device type

7. Adplexity (Ecommerce)

There’s a whole world of advertising options beyond Facebook, and Adplexity can give you very valuable insights into what’s possible.  This company claims to have the very best ad intelligence, and that claim may be justifiable.

Adplexity offers a whole range of software, but we are particularly interested in the Ecommerce tool.  This enables you to keep track of your competitors’ most profitable Ecommerce products and stores. You can then make better marketing decisions by learning what products are already successful.

8. Anstrex

When you are ready to spread your wings and try new ad platforms, native advertising presents a massive opportunity. This allows you to advertise your products on thousands of the world’s biggest news and information websites, generating massive reach. 

Some Ecommerce vendors achieve over $100,000 a day in sales using native advertising alone. So it’s clear that this is a great way to grow your business and expand your sales. There are many spy tools that focus on native advertising, but Anstrex is one of the best. Here you will be able to not only spy on your competitors, but replicate their entire campaign with a few clicks. Worth checking out!

9. AdEspresso

AdEspresso is not primarily a spy tool, but rather an ads management system for Facebook and Instagram advertisers. However, it does feature a very useful gallery of Facebook ads that are worth checking out.

This is a curated selection, so it’s about quality rather than quality. Here you can learn a lot about what makes a successful ad, whatever niche you are targeting. Think of this as a swipe file you can use to create winning ads based on proven principles.

10. Facebook Info & Ads

Lastly, there’s Facebook’s own tool for analyzing Facebook and Instagram ads. The company was forced to introduce this after complaints about a lack of transparency. Now you have access to a great deal of advertising information, directly from Facebook itself.

Go to any business page on Facebook, and you will find an Info & Ads option. Click this to open up detailed information about the ads this company is running. This can be a goldmine of information, and you know the data is accurate, because it’s coming from Facebook itself!

Which Tool is Right For You?

So there you have it - a great range of tools to help you succeed with your Ecommerce store. So which is the best to use? It depends!

These tools are all different, designed for different purposes and with various strengths and weaknesses. You need to decide which tool, or combination of tools, will work best for you.

But whichever tools you decide to you use, you will be putting yourself in pole position to succeed if you make the most of the data. So start researching, analyzing and evaluating...and find yourself a red-hot product and a high-converting sales funnel. There’s lots of them out there!

Rob Palmer

About the author

I help people start and grow highly-profitable Ecommerce stores, so they can turn their annual salary into their monthly income and live the life of their dreams.

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