About Ecommerce Academy


There’s no doubt that an Ecommerce store is a great way to launch a very successful business. But if you don’t know what you are doing, you could easily lose money. Thankfully, we’re here to help, showing you the fast track to online success.

The Ecommerce Opportunity

Ecommerce offers perhaps the best business opportunity in the history of the world. After all, the CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, became the richest person in the world in just 20 years - all thanks to the success of his Ecommerce store.

For you, the opportunity is just as amazing. Launching an Ecommerce store may not make you the wealthiest human being on the planet, but it could certainly be a ticket to all financial freedom you could ever want.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of Ecommerce stores lose money. So many store owners struggle with all the elements you must excel at in order to succeed. Fortunately, we are here to help…

World-Class Ecommerce Consultancy

With over two decades of experience in the Ecommerce space, our team is more than qualified to help you turn a failing store into a raging success.

We have generated tens of millions of sales in our own stores, and helped out clients ramp up to seven- figure - and even eight-figure - online businesses. Our wealth of expertise allows us to help with all aspects of Ecommerce, including:

  • Researching and developing profitable products
  • Setting up a store that is optimized for success
  • Making a profit from Facebook ads and online marketing
  • Scaling winners while maintaining profit margins
  • Making a store competition proof by building a 'moat'
  • Setting the foundations for international success
  • ​Building a brand that achieves massive success

Practicing What We Preach

Ecommerce Academy was founded by Rob Palmer, a pioneer of Ecommerce, and perhaps the world’s first digital nomad.

The profits from Ecommerce stores have enabled Rob to live a very comfortable and truly international lifestyle, traveling the world and creating financial, time and location freedom.

Now Ecommerce Academy has grown into a global team, with Ecommerce and online marketing specialists all over the world. We truly practice what we preach, making a full-time living from our online business operations. 

As a result, we are ideally placed to help you succeed, and achieve levels of profitability beyond your wildest dreams. 

Gain a Vital Competitive Edge

Why do so many Ecommerce stores with good products fail? Usually because ‘good’ is simply not enough. In a highly-competitive world, you need to be ‘exceptional.’

That’s where we come in. We deliver the high-level expertise needed to turn your store around and generate the levels of profit you have been seeking. Our battle-tested team has learned from thousands of tests, and millions of dollars spent on online advertising. 

We understand what it takes to make your store succeed. So if you are struggling to make a profit - or have yet to launch your store - now is the time to get in touch. 

Book a free strategy session to discuss your Ecommerce business and how we can help. Just click below to start: